Your on-going courses

Agile methodologies applied to sales teams
During this course, you will learn the basics of Kanban and SCRUM, in order to implement your own system of working with your teams. Therefore, if you have just joined as a supervisor, you will have access to the necessary tools to set up your own high-performance sales team.
Business English Level 2
During this course, you will become familiar with professional business terms, vocabulary and terminology. The skills you’ll develop will enable you to improve your English skills at work.
Customer Service Expressions Level 3
In this third part, you'll learn how good customer service is an advanced strategy because it removes the focus from getting the next client, and looks at making the most out of the ones you already have. Once you start giving your client outstanding customer experience, they begin to buy from you again and even tell their friends.
European regulation of unsecured investment products
In this course, you'll learn everything about the rules of conduct that institutions and advisors have to comply with within their relations with clients in the provision of investment services inside the European Union.
Financial Vocabulary Level 1
During this course, you will become familiar with financial vocabulary and terminology in English. So if you are beginning in finance you need more familiarity with the terms or you are learning English and working in a financial context, you’re in the right place!
Financial product sales strategies
No matter what kind of financial services you provide, effective financial marketing strategies can help you to focus on efforts so that you can better reach targets and goals. In this course, we teach you 5 of the most proven strategies to build your personal brand online and sell your financial products or services.
Best Practices in Negotiations with Clients
Good practices in negotiating with clients
Key Operations processes for supervisors
During this course, you will become familiar with the protocols, systems and processes essential for the efficient performance of Operations. So, if you have just joined as a supervisor, you need to familiarise yourself with the essential structure of your coordination role.
Leadership and coaching of high performance teams
This course teaches you the skills to better lead people and teams within your organization, taking you through key topics like motivation, communication, conflict management, team dynamics, and the development of a healthy organizational culture.