Best Practices in Negotiations with Clients

Good practices in negotiating with clients

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What's in this course?

Knowing how to negotiate effectively, and with confidence, is a skill that will change everything. It will give you more control over your career, and increase your happiness and wellbeing. Whether it’s winning sales for your business or just getting better contracts, mastering negotiation will have a huge impact on every area of your work.

During this course, you’ll become a negotiation master and learn practical insights that can be applied throughout your life and work. The skills you’ll develop during this course will give you a better chance of professional and financial success.

Along the course, you’ll discover all the faces of a sales negotiation and gain actionable benefits and strategies to increase your rates. In particular, this course will lead you to:

  • Increase your win/capture rates, while also improving cross-selling and upselling.
  • Learn how to get your client to share more information with you and use it to create a sales proposition the customer will feel compelled to say ‘yes’ to.
  • Navigate through the most common sales objections and what hides behind them.
  • Choose the negotiation style that feels more natural to you.
  • Tools to manage your opportunities, documentation, etc.
  • Maximize email, videoconference, and phone negotiations.
  • Tips in cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Extract valuable lessons through reviewing your negotiations effectively.
  • Achieve more price increases, at higher percentages, in less time.

This course covers everything you need to know about negotiation, methodically step by step:

  1. Sales negotiation planning and strategy
  2. Leveraging the Sales Negotiation Planner
  3. Principles of sales negotiation communication
  4. Metrics and business outcomes that really matter to your potential clients.
  5. The psychology of negotiation
  6. How to negotiate effectively in-person and on virtual communication channels
  7. Sales propositions that work best

We’ll look at planning and preparing, opening the conversation, creating a win/win situation, and how to close the deal having got what you wanted in a non-confrontational manner. We’ll talk about the keys to the negotiation process, and how to combat the common techniques that might be used against you.

If there were a course you could not miss under any circumstance, it will be this!


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2 weeks
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Course summary

2 weeks

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In this course, you’ll gain actionable strategies for:

  • Adjusting your client’s expectations
  • Increase perceived value and stop reducing prices.
  • Making more appealing offers
  • Closing sales negotiations faster.
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